Directors’ Responsibilities

As a director you face a huge number of responsibilities including tax, employment, liability, financial issues and legislation.  Increasingly legilation expands the number of people and bodies  that impose  personal responsibilities on directors and managers. Whether you are involved in a private company, public limited company, a charity or have US exposure, your responsibilities exist and look likely to increase. You need to protect your personal assets from claims and also protect against eventualities such as director disqualification.

The cover is on a claims made basis, i.e., the claim has to be made against the individual or company during the period of insurance. We can advise you on covering against retroactive liabilities.

Directors & Officers Liability Insurance

This type of insurance is specifically designed to protect directors and the officers of a company against their personal liability in the course of the performance of their duties. This insurance protects the directors and company in respect of action from shareholders, employees, regulatory authorities, customers, competitors and creditors who feel their interests have been prejudiced.

Charity Trustees Liability Insurance

The individual liabilities of a charity trustee are very similar to those of a company manager or director. Therefore, the need for insurance is just as vital. If you are prepared to give your time to a charity, free of charge, then you should not expect to be faced with personal liabilities.

Pension Trustees Liability Insurance

This is not normally covered by Directors and Officers Liability Insurance. If you have taken on a pension fund trustees role then you need adequate protection for the judgments you make.